Red Collar -boy

Red Collar -boy

Beautiful AKC and UKC Miniature Schnauzers Male Puppy - Grandparents are Champions! 

Male AKC and UKC Puppy  Ready for His Forever Home

One AKC (American Kettle Club) and UKC (United Kennel Club) Registrable Miniature Schnauzer male puppy (Red Collar) has a soft black & silver, hypoallergenic coat that hardly sheds.  

He has a spunky, friendly, outgoing personality and loves people. He is whip-smart, and his intelligence and alertness make him easy to train and an excellent watchdog. He is energetic but eager to please his family by following cues and commands. Well-trained puppies do well with kids and other family pets, making him a fun playmate.

He is healthy but will be prone to cataracts, but he cleared of these common Miniature Schnauzer health conditions: hyperlipidemia, pancreatitis, liver shunts, and urinary stones. 

You should select dog food for him that has been approved by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) and formulated for small dogs with a fat content between 10%–15%.

He should eat small quality kibbles, three or four meals daily, making a massive difference in his potty training efforts. As an adult, he needs two meals a day.

Please do not give him any spicy or greasy table scraps because it may upset his stomach. He will be happy with treats of extra pieces of his dog food and a dog cookie. A little fruit or vegetable added to his food or as a treat is fine – raw baby carrot, a bite of apple or pear, and green beans.

As an adult, he will weigh between 11-20 pounds, and height-wise, they will stand 12-14 inches at their shoulders. His lifespan is 12-14 years. 

The cost is $2,150 to the approved family.  You can pay cash or use Zelle with my phone number (513) 238-4501

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If this puppy would be a welcome addition to your family, don't hesitate to contact Kathy Edgington, Queen Creek Miniature Schnauzers, at (513) 238-4501.