Abelard Von Rose Lane II - Blue Lite Collar (Thomas)

Abelard Von Rose Lane II - Blue Lite Collar (Thomas)

Thomas at 2-weeks, Jan 28, 2023

Abelard Von Rose Lane II 

Abelard Von Rose Lane II and his call name is Thomas is named after his maternal grandfather, Champion, Abelard Von Rose Lane (Thomas).   He loves to cuddle and take puppy naps with his mom.  Family-raised, AKC, and UKC registerable Miniature Schnauzer puppy.  He is the grandson of "Trinity von Rose Lane, AKC, UKC and Champion Abelard von Rose Lane, AKC, UKC, IABCA." He will have his 1st series of puppy shots, be seen and examined by a veterinarian, and receive his health certification.  He has already had his tail docked and dewclaws removed.  This puppy will be a "people person," extroverted with moderately high energy, and he will want to have fun.  And being with you is fun, no matter what you do.  He will be incredibly affectionate.  He will be intelligent, easy to train, full of life, and always begging for a game.  He is also low-shedding and hypoallergenic, suitable for families with allergies.  He will be incredibly loyal to his family, protective of home and family, excellent watchdog, and alert you to visitors, burglars, etc. Good with kids and will adapt well to apartment living.  You will not find a sweeter puppy anywhere.  $2,150 to the approved family.  

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